Jute Tapes

We produce our jute tapes with our own looms, with specific thecnology for this task, with the best ply of the market. This allow us to be reference suppliers.

Our tapes of jute are used in many sectors, like tapestry, carpets, decoration, construction, florists, gardening, greenhouses, transpor, farming, and many others.

All our tapes are produced in 50 meters rolls. We have specific tapes to each sector, contact us for dimensions, warp, weft, weights, colors, prices, etc.

Below you can find a small selection of our more usual tapes, with its references.
Cincha de Yute, Cinta de Yute, Correa de Yute, Jute Tape, Jute Webbing, Juteband, Jute Singel, Jute Singelband Sangle de Jute, Ruban de Jute, Bande de Jute, Courroie de Jute, Tessitura di Juta, Tessitura di Iuta, Fascia di Juta, Iuta.